Driveway Update from Stan

We managed to get the driveway done today. Many thanks to Bob, Vinny and Brian for their help. We may put some more down next week and need a Saturday morning team, but an appeal will go out if this is happening . Thanks to all who volunteered!

Catch up with the new skipper!

We announced a couple of weeks ago that Charlie would be standing down after over a decade stint as Lowerhouses most decorated and successful captain (in our 150 year history… let that sink in!). We thought we’d take the opportunity in the off season to catch up with the incoming skipper and last years vice captain Ben Heap.


Ben, when did you realise you wanted to be captain?

I think it’s safe to say I’ve always felt that I’ve been a natural leader right through from age group cricket. As far as first team captaincy though becoming a senior player over the last few seasons I wanted a crack at it. I did start to think it might not ever happen but it’s safe to say I’m very proud to be the new skipper.

What do you want to get out of next season?

I would like to win a trophy it’s as simple as that. After two seasons without one, it will be my aim to win at least one competition out of the four we will enter.

Which of Charlies attributes do you most admire and would you love to carry on?

Charlie always lead by example on match days and always put the team first. This is something I have always admired about him, his fielding is up there with the best in league and the rest of the lads follow his example.

What do you want the team to get out of next season?

To work harder than ever before in training and to keep up with the top teams in the league. Also for each individual to know their role and enjoy each other’s success.

What are your aspirations for the next 3 years?

No doubt to put my own stamp on the team/club. I want to continue Charlie’s good work and hopefully take us to the next level as far as training and results are concerned.

What is your favourite game that you have played in?

The Worsley Cup finals were very special to me with both me and my uncle getting Man of the match in each of them. From a team perspective the 2011 title winning game versus Todmorden (away) was a very special day. Nobody gave us a sniff that season but we showed with hard work , mix of youthful talent and experience what could be achieved.

What changes would you like to make as captain?

I think it’s easy to rush in and make lots of changes, but I have to learn. I want to take my time and think things through. I don’t think the style of play will change to much, but I do hope though to help individuals identify roles within the squad. I want to help give people clarity and a vision for the coming seasons. We will train harder than ever and I will hopefully come up with plans and inspiration on game days.

See you in the spring!

We’ll have more in the coming weeks, including a catch up with new Second Team skipper Owen Deakin-Pickard.

Catch up with the new 2nd Team Skipper!

It’s all change at the House with the first and second eleven both getting new skippers! With Owen taking the reigns of the second team, we thought we’d have a chat with the relatively new Lowerhouser…

Owen, for those who don’t know – where did you play cricket before Lowerhouse?

Padiham Cricket Club
Why did you choose to switch to Lowerhouse?
I moved to take myself out of my comfort zone and to test myself. I feel facilities available at the club are always going to help any player improve.
When did you realise you wanted to be captain/how did it come about?
It was in the later stages of the season when I thought about it while looking ahead at what I could improve on next year. I went and spoke to Stan to see how to apply. I think it will challenge me but only help me improve as a player.
What do you want to get out of next season?
To captain a title or cup winning side would be a great experience and with the ability in the side I know we can do it. To score over 500 runs and still be on the pitch when games are finishing when we bat second are more my personal goals. They were a few games this season where I should have seen the team home but got out cheaply needing 20 or so to win, leaving it to somebody else to do.
Which of Charlie’s/Jamie’s attributes do you most admire and would you love to carry on?
I’ve admired Jamie’s commitment and effort with such a young squad and the way he handles tough situations through unavailability he always stays positive. I’ve played under some good experienced captains in Neil Anderson and Steve Meehan and learnt a lot. So it was a change this year with Jamie being younger than me but to have confidence and be in control of the team is something I’m looking to take forward. As for Charlie I only played under him a few times but his awareness on the field is something I picked up on. He is always focused and makes sure everyone else is as well.

What do you want the team to get out of next season?
Being another year older hopefully some of the younger lads will of matured and start to learn their individual roles a bit more. Be that coming on to get a vital wicket or bowling 10 overs for say 20 runs. Batting wise, getting a scratchy 20 not out at the end of an innings or seeing the game home with a match winning 70 not out.
I think with the group of lads we have they are more than capable of doing this and we should definitely be challenging for the league and dare I say winning it. To get to a cup final or even semi-final would be a great experience and something I hope we can do.

What are your aspirations for the next 3 years?
Personally my aim is to play first team cricket so hopefully in 3 years I would have cemented a place for myself there. If that is not the case then I would see as still being the captain of the seconds a great achievement with hopefully at least 3 trophies under my belt.
What is your favourite game that you have played in? 
On a personal level it has to be the game away at Rishton when I scored my first 50. We set a total of around 250 I think and won the game comfortably. However making my first team debut in the Lancashire cup is a close run 2nd. Even though we ended up winning on a bowl out to score some crucial runs and get the team over 200 in the 1st innings is something I won’t forget. As a team this year I think it has to be beating Burnley at home. After being comfortably beaten by them twice earlier in the season it was a must win. Having to chase down 88 in 20 overs, we did it emphatically losing only 1 wicket and in 15overs.
What changes would you like to make as captain?
There is only one real change that is needed. It has been agreed throughout the club that training has to be more structured and it is something that will be organised closer to the start of the season.


1917 – William Whittaker – A Tribute

Lest we forget. We are approaching the centenary year of the loss of one of Lowerhouse’s best ever amateurs.

On October 8th, 1917 William ‘Billy’ Whittaker of 10 Peel St, Lowerhouse (now re-named Fox St.) was killed in action in Belgium during World War One. He had worked as a Manager at Dugdale Mills just across what was then Mill St. but is now a continuation of Lowerhouse Lane. He was such a good player he qualifies as one of our elite performers who are on the Lowerhouse Hall of Fame list both as a batsman and a bowler. He played for Lowerhouse from 1895 to 1916 except for the 1903 season which he spent with Rishton C.C.

He scored 4313 runs for the ‘House with 2 centuries and 14 fifties and took 333 wickets with 19 five-wicket hauls. We can only surmise that the thought of going to war was far from his mind in 1916 but that would change dramatically as that summer progressed. There were no professionals engaged that year and it would become the last League cricket action until 1919.  There was a serious escalation in the War as the Allies tried to break the stalemate of trench warfare. The French at Verdun and the British at the Somme mounted a major push which led to shocking casualties. Lord Kitchener called for more volunteers even for men in the 40 years of age bracket such as William. It is likely he was an early volunteer because from being an almost ever-present in the Lowerhouse First Eleven, he missed the last five matches.

He was having a great swan song season as he was playing a bigger role with the team having no professional. He’d taken a best ever 8-28 at Turf Moor and on the day of Kitchener’s appeal he was Lowerhouse’s star against Accrington. He made 69 not out of the 111 all out total and took 3 out of the 4 opposition wickets to fall. Two weeks later at home to Nelson he played his 258th and last match for his beloved Club. He took 4-39 as he and Tommy Shutt bowled out the Seedhill team for 82. It wasn’t a happy ending as the ‘House failed in their pursuit. William walked off his home ground the last time after being run-out for a duck.

Whittaker trained and served as a Gunner with the 78th Division of the Royal Field Artillery regiment.  Onto Lowerhouse’s A.G.M. held in the October of 1917 where serious concerns are raised that one of their “finest players” had been reported missing in action. That description almost always led to worse news and any hope was extinguished when Whittaker’s death was announced in the Burnley Express of 27th October,1917.      He is buried in the Cement House Cemetery in the village of Langemark, in the West Vlaanderen region of Belgium. This isn’t the most prosaic name for a burial ground but the Cement House was the nickname Allied soldiers gave to a fortified farmhouse on the village’s main road. Private 18202 William Whittaker is one of approx. 3500 British soldiers buried there.

At the time of his death William was the second most prolific Lowerhouse batsman behind Joseph Cook and the second most prolific bowler behind Tommy Shutt. The latter’s 76 wickets in 1910 remains 107 years later a Club record. But just think on this. In 1916 William Whittaker by now a seasoned veteran had taken 71 wickets in just 18 games. The record was at his mercy, he would have probably surpassed it easily with 5 games to go; he just felt there were more important things to do.

Let’s hope that his heroism and selflessness will always be remembered at Lowerhouse Cricket Club


Stan’s Weekly News



To Shelly Heap for her magnificent efforts in raising £1200 from the Fun Day.

Along with very generous donations from Oddies and Motorpoint this will more than cover the cost of a defibrillator. Thanks to both those organisations and to all individual who helped on or before the day, especially Elaine Keenan and of course to all those who supported the event by making donations and attending.


Old pals – Tony Benneworth

I am very pleased to be able to report that I have managed to get in touch with Tony Benneworth on Facebook. I knew that Tony had tried to get in touch with the club and it had niggled that we had missed him. Tony was a Tasmanian who played as an amateur for the club in 1973 until becoming professional in 1974. As I think everyone knows, we weren’t a good side in those days and Tony gave the club a terrific lift with his performances and his character.  I was only 13 or so when Tony first came to the club he certainly made an impression on me with his wholehearted approach

One particular memory I have of Tony is the throwing competitions that he had. He would challenge whoever to beat him in throwing the ball by running down the groundsman’s hut driveway to the edge of the pitch and launching the ball over the square towards the old pavilion.  Memories often play tricks but I am sure that his throws used to bounce up the old pavilion steps.

In his year as professional in 1974 he was second in the league averages behind the legendary Collis King but actually scored more runs than Collis. It was draw cricket in those days and although we were second from bottom we were in a winning position in the vast majority of the fixtures but were often thwarted.

I think I can best give people an impression of Tony by saying that he was very much like Ryan Harris as a person and cricketer. Tony tells me that he has very fond memories of the club and he will be visiting us in 2018. If anyone has any memories of Tony – please email me at



More on Georgie Holt (u16 w/keeper, batsman) selection for the Lancashire Thunder (senior women) development programme.

Georgie is one of only 15 girls selected from the region which includes counties from Cumberland through to Staffordshire. This is a marvellous achievement. Georgie deserves this not only through her ability but also through her dedication. Georgie can often be seen dragging Coach Joe Martin through a session no matter what the weather. This has often included driving rain, very occasional heat waves, biting snow and frost and on one occasion in the middle of smoke pluming off a bonfire. It is no coincidence that our most successful players put in the hard work.


Cricket matters

The senior players held a player’s meeting last week and as chairman it was heartening to see 24 senior players at the meeting with the remaining 4 offering apologies due to work commitments. This is exactly the right attitude that I, and I am sure members and spectators hope to see. The purpose of the meeting was for new captains Ben Heap and Owen Deakin – Pickard to explain their ideas and I took the opportunity to remind the players of the club’s expectations and their roles and responsibilities. It was heartening to receive the feedback and it is clear that our players, young though most of them are, appreciate the work done behind the scenes by volunteers and the support the club receives from its members and supporters.

Other issues covered were the practice and training expectations, availability for selection and individual aspirations. It is some years since we have felt the need to call a meeting and it was a very worthwhile exercise.


Lancashire League

The now annual gathering for club representatives, known as the Rules Meeting took place at Nelson CC last week under the chairmanship of Nelson’s Granville Thompson. The purpose of the meeting is to put together a cogent list of rules changes, amendments and proposals in the hope that a rational discussion will lead to common agreement and a smooth vote at the League Meeting to vote new rules in.

Amongst issues under discussion were the voting arrangements in respect of what constitutes a numerical mandate for constitutional and rule change. Points for a rained off game. Worsley Cup and league rain rules, bowling ratios



We were sad to hear of the recent passing of former Lancashire League players Steve Ratcliffe (Ramsbottom) and Alan Massicks (Haslingden). Steve (bowling) and Alan (wicket keeping) were highly respected players and immensely popular throughout the league. They always played hard but fair and were good company. Their passing at a relatively young age is very sad indeed. Our condolences to their families and the clubs concerned.


A news update from Stan



To long time and die – hard club stalwart Dave Ashworth for the 50 fence post caps he made and fixed to the wooden decking afront the changing rooms and the Liverpool Road spectator barrier.


Appeal for help

Work continues on the ground as the grass is still growing and a programme of maintenance and repairs has been drawn up. Anyone with time to kill can be gainfully employed by contacting me on the usual number 07941439741.

We are hoping to put river gravel down on the driveway at the back end of this week including Saturday morning. If anyone can spare an hour (2 maximum) to rake the gravel into place, please contact me


Club merchandise

Some Lowerhouse insignia kit/clothing has arrived at the club and the only identifiable names on it are Andrew and Martin – any claimants please.

We are going to order some club ties. These are the traditional yellow and blue diagonal stripe with club badge in the bottom corner. Likely cost is £10-£15. Anyone wishing to order one please TEXT me on 07941439741



To 4 of our very talented girls.

Georgie Holt (u16 w/keeper, batsman) has been selected for the Lancashire Thunder (senior women) development programme.

Annabelle Uttley (u14) and Liberty Heap (u12) fresh from their success in the National Malvern u13 tournament, where they were selected for the T20 all county team and are currently trialling for the county 15s.

Grace Johnson (u12) has been selected for county u13 training.

We are very proud of the progress that these girls are making and are confident that we have some younger girls coming through who are equally talented.



This year’s presentation night will be 7pm for 7.30 on Friday November 18th in the clubhouse. Awards will be given for individual performance, team achievements and participation. The night will include the District Awards and cover Lowerhouse CC from under 9s through to 1XI. Any player, member, supporter, parent or grandparent is invited but be sure to arrive early for a packed night.

Lancashire Cup KO Draw Details

The draw of the 2017 LCB Knock Out Cup supported by LWC Drinks Ltd took place yesterday evening (Monday 11th October) at Emirates Old Trafford. This is the Primary ‘Club’ Knock Out Competition in Lancashire with 68 clubs from 10 leagues qualifying to take part. 

Great Harwood CC who will move to the Lancashire League in 2017 host fellow Lancashire League club Lowerhouse CC.

Link to draw

The winner of Great Harwood/Lowerhouse faces another away date at either Farnworth SC or Glodwick CC

Tickets and further bonfire details



Gates open at 5.15pm

Bonfire lighting at 6.30pm

Professional Firework Display at 7.30pm

ADULTS £2 • CHILDREN £1 – FAMILY TICKET (2 adults & 2 children) £5

Fairground rides


Fully licensed bar

Hot food

Tickets on Sale from Monday as follows: 


Strictly no personal fireworks or sparklers allowed 


We ask that you park with consideration to neighbour’s and in accordance with road traffic regulations.

Additional free parking for up to 200 cars has been secured courtesy of Business First on Liverpool Road just few minutes walk to the ground – link 


Public Transport:

By Bus arriving @ Rosegrove Lane Ends 5 minute walk to the ground

Stand 8 Burnley Bus Station














Burnleys Biggest Bonfire: Ticket Information



Gates open at 5.15pm

Bonfire lighting at 6.30pm

Professional Firework Display at 7.30pm

ADULTS £2 • CHILDREN £1 – FAMILY TICKET (2 adults & 2 children) £5

Fairground rides


Fully licensed bar

Hot food

Tickets on Sale from Monday as follows: